Daegu Prison Relocates 2,200 Inmates Amid Tight Security

DAEGU – The Daegu Correctional Institution underwent a significant relocation on Tuesday, moving 2,200 inmates to a new facility 18 kilometers away. This move, the first in 52 years, was initiated after local residents in Hwawon-myeon raised concerns that the prison's presence was impeding local development.

The Ministry of Justice orchestrated the transfer to the new prison in Habin-myeon with stringent security measures.

According to Yonhap News Agency, around 300 police personnel armed with stun guns and handguns, along with squad cars, were deployed to oversee the relocation process. Notable inmates, including Moon Hyung-wook and Kim Seong-soo, were among those transferred. The new prison, whose construction began in 2014, features 28 buildings and is equipped with advanced electronic security systems. Notably, the execution chamber present in the old facility was not included in the new location, leaving only three prisons in South Korea with execution chambers.

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