Defense chief calls for stronger training amid growing N.K. threats

Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup called on South Korean and U.S. troops Wednesday to reinforce their training to ensure a "Fight Tonight" defense posture during his visit to a wartime command bunker, a key venue for the allies' ongoing regular exercise.

He made the call in a meeting with the troops engaging in the Freedom Shield (FS) exercise at CP Tango, or Command Post Theater Air Naval Ground Operations, in Seongnam, just south of Seoul, following recent North Korean missile launches.

"In such times, training should rather be strengthened even more," Lee was quoted by his office as saying. "The more provocations North Korea conducts, the firmer the alliance will grow."

The minister pointed out that the FS exercise is proceeding under scenarios reflective of changes in the security environment, such as advancing North Korean nuclear and missile threats, and the recent armed conflict abroad.

"I call on you to become more immersed in the training scenarios and establish a 'Fight Tonight' combined defense posture," he said

Earlier in the day, Lee also visited the "B-1 bunker" at the South's Capital Defense Command in southern Seoul. There, he highlighted the need to carry out "realistic" training during the FS exercise, which he said is taking place around the clock.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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