Education Ministry Reports Few Medical School Professor Resignations Amid Doctor Walkout

SEOUL – The South Korean Education Ministry has stated that a limited number of medical school professors have tendered resignations, despite concerns that their departure could exacerbate the ongoing healthcare crisis sparked by a trainee doctor walkout. The issue stems from protests against a government decision to increase the annual medical school intake by 2,000 seats, which began affecting medical services from March 25.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the notion that the submitted resignations would automatically become effective one month after submission is incorrect. Officials emphasized during a Monday press briefing that no resignations have been accepted yet, as approval from university presidents is required for them to take effect. The statement clarified that the civil law regarding automatic resignations does not readily apply to this situation, ensuring that there is no immediate risk of worsening the current medical service disruptions. The ministry reassured that the number of resignations reported was "not many," and it specifically excluded university hospital doctors who also hold professor titles but are primarily involved in patient care.

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