Former Loona Member Chuu Launches Solo Career with Debut Album ‘Howl’

SEOUL - Chuu, previously known for her membership in the K-pop girl group Loona, announced her venture into a solo music career with the release of her debut album "Howl." The album, featuring five songs including the title track "Howl," signifies a departure from the cheerful image that the public has previously associated with her. During a media showcase in Seoul, she stated that the song "Howl" aims to offer courage and hope, describing it as a "song of comfort that can be shouted out to the world."

According to Yonhap News Agency, Chuu originally debuted as part of Loona in 2017 and has been active across various sectors including music, TV shows, advertising, and modeling. She left the group following a legal dispute with her former agency, BlockBerry Creative, over financial settlements. Last year, she won a lawsuit to nullify her exclusive contract with the agency.

Chuu opened up about the emotional toll of the legal conflict, expressing regret over the impact it had on her fans. However, she emphasized her commitment to her new album, which she prepared "well and with conviction." Since April 2023, she has been signed to a new agency, ATRP, and continues to be active in TV variety shows and advertising.

Asked about her vocal abilities, Chuu highlighted her "conflicting charm," noting her ability to showcase both a bright, cheerful persona as well as a more serious, mature side. "I want to be remembered as a singer who has a good and comfortable voice," she said.

After Chuu's departure, the remaining 11 members of Loona also filed lawsuits against BlockBerry Creative and have since joined new project groups under different agencies. When asked about a potential reunion with her former bandmates, Chuu expressed hope, mentioning a recent meeting where the members agreed to leave open the possibility of a 12-member stage performance.

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