Gyeonggi vice governor allegedly throws glass at local councilor

SUWON– The ruling People Power Party (PPP) on Thursday demanded the dismissal of a vice governor of Gyeonggi Province, claiming he threw a glass at a local councilor affiliated with the party during a dinner meeting.

Kim Yong-jin, vice governor in charge of economy, hosted a dinner with two leading members of the provincial council, each from the PPP and the main opposition Democratic Party (DP), at a local restaurant late Wednesday.

Kim was appointed by Gov. Kim Dong-yeon, affiliated with the DP.

During the meeting, Kim quarreled with top PPP councilor Kwak Mi-sook and threw a small glass at her, according to the local chapter of the PPP.

Though not injured, Kwak was seriously traumatized, the party said.

The PPP demanded Gov. Kim dismiss him. Kwak also plans to file a criminal complaint against Kim Yong-jin on charges of assault and intimidation.

“Not only the vice governor, who is the perpetrator, but also Gov. Kim, who appointed him, should take due responsibility,” the party said in a press conference.

The vice governor took office early Thursday. Just after the inauguration ceremony, Kim visited the PPP office at the local council but failed to meet Kwak.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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