K-pop Group Xikers Energizes Stage with ‘Trial and Error’ Showcase

SEOUL — Xikers, the rising fifth-generation K-pop group, showcased its dynamic energy in a performance of "We Don't Stop" from their new album "House of Tricky: Trial and Error" on Thursday.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the EP, which is the third installment in their "House of Tricky" series, is set for release on Friday and explores the theme of youth embarking on a journey of self-discovery through trial and error. The album, described as a "road movie" by member Sumin, aims to inspire listeners to carve their own paths despite life's uncertainties. "We Don't Stop," the album's lead track, is highlighted as a modern reinterpretation of old-school hip-hop, enriched with the group's vibrant and forward-moving energy. Since their debut, Xikers has quickly gained international recognition, setting ambitious goals for their Billboard ranking with the latest EP. The group aims to distinguish itself with high energy and impactful performances, aspiring to bring positivity and happiness through their music.

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