KOSPI 200 Closing Prices Show Downtrend in Major Stocks

SEOUL – The closing prices of stocks in the KOSPI 200, South Korea's key stock market index, indicated a general downtrend in the market. Several major companies saw their stock prices fall in the latest trading session.

The session witnessed a decrease in the stock prices of several prominent companies:

SK hynix closed at 130,400 won, down 1,000 won.

Youngpoong finished at 509,000 won, a decrease of 8,000 won.

HyundaiEngandConst ended the day at 35,850 won, down by 1,450 won.

CUCKOO HOMESYS fell to 22,300 won, losing 150 won.

Hanwha's shares decreased by 550 won to close at 24,700 won.

DB HiTek experienced a decline, ending at 58,100 won, down 2,400 won.

CJ's stocks closed at 90,100 won, decreasing by 3,100 won.

According to Yonhap News Agency, However, some stocks like LX INT, POSCO Holdings, and LG Energy Solution saw an uptick in their closing prices. LX INT closed at 30,050 won, up by 100 won, while POSCO Holdings and LG Energy Solution increased by 5,000 won and 12,000 won, respectively.

Other notable changes in stock prices included declines for Hyundai MandF INS, Hyosung, LOTTE, GCH Corp, and LotteChilsung, among others. Conversely, COSMOCHEM and SamsungElecMech's shares rose, closing higher than the previous session.

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