KOSPI 200 Index Reflects Mixed Closing Prices

Seoul, South Korea - The KOSPI 200 index, a significant indicator of the South Korean stock market's performance, displayed a mixed trend in its closing prices. The list showcases various shifts among the listed companies, indicating the dynamic nature of the market on the trading day.

According to Yonhap News Agency, KOREA AEROSPACE's stock price rose by 800 points, closing at 49,900. In contrast, SAMSUNG SDS experienced a decrease, closing at 168,700, down by 1,200 points. GS saw a decline in its stock price by 2,500 points, finishing at 40,100. Hanwha Ocean's shares increased by 350 points, closing at 24,950.

HD Hyundai Infracore's stock price fell by 180 points, ending the day at 8,010. DWEC also witnessed a decrease, closing at 4,145, down by 25 points. KEPCO KPS's shares declined by 1,700 points, finishing at 34,300. LG HandH saw an increase, with its stock closing at 350,500, up by 1,000 points.

LGCHEM's shares experienced a decrease, closing at 486,000, down by 4,500 points. KEPCO EandC saw an increase in its stock price, finishing the day at 62,200, up by 500 points. Other notable stock movements included ShinhanGroup, HYUNDAI ROTEM, LGELECTRONICS, Celltrion, DAEWOONG PHARM, HYUNDAIDEPTST, KIH, LIG Nex1, Fila Holdings, HYUNDAIGLOVIS, HANWHA LIFE, HANAFINANCIALGR, AMOREPACIFIC, FOOSUNG, SK Innovation, CJ CheilJedang, POSCO INTERNATIONAL, SamyangFood, SK hynix, KEPCO, SamsungSecu, KG DONGBU STL, SKTelecom, HyundaiElev, Hanon Systems, SK, ShinpoongPharm, LOTTE ENERGY MATERIA LS Corp414, Asiana Airlines, and COWAY.

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