KOSPI 200: NCsoft and Samsung F&M Insurance Show Opposing Trends, HanmiPharm Gains Notably

Seoul, South Korea – The Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) 200 closed with a mixed bag of gains and losses among its constituent companies on Tuesday. Some stocks stood out for significant shifts in their closing prices, notably NCsoft and Samsung F&M Insurance, which moved in opposite directions.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, 200 Closing Price List-3, NCsoft saw a surge of 7,500 points, closing at 230,500. Samsung F&M Insurance took a dip, shedding 7,500 points to end at 251,000. HanmiPharm, on the other hand, showed notable upward momentum, gaining 2,500 points to close at 276,000.

LG Display rose by 210 points to 12,290, while Kangwonland lost 80 points, ending at 14,480. NAVER and Kakao posted gains of 3,500 and 100 points, closing at 185,400 and 37,750 respectively. Kogas dropped slightly by 50 points to 22,950, and HANALL BIOPHARMA decreased by 400 points to close at 28,900.

HANATOUR SERVICE and COSMAX witnessed declines, losing 250 and 3,100 points to end the day at 43,450 and 133,300 respectively. KIWOOM and MS IND recorded gains, rising by 1,100 and 320 points to close at 79,300 and 16,270.

Hanwha Ocean and HD Hyundai Infracore experienced downward shifts of 250 and 170 points, settling at 24,400 and 7,180 respectively. HANWHA SOLUTIONS also dipped by 300 points to close at 27,500, while LS ELECTRIC saw a loss of 1,000 points, ending at 71,000.

KorZinc and LG Energy Solution ended in positive territory, gaining 2,500 and 500 points to close at 466,000 and 400,000 respectively. HtlShilla, Hanmi Science, and SamsungElecMech declined by 1,400, 400, and 1,000 points, ending at 68,500, 31,000, and 123,100.

F&F, HDKSOE, and emart lost 4,900, 2,200, and 500 points respectively, closing at 87,000, 94,700, and 72,300. KOLON IND, Meritz Financial, PIAM, HANJINKAL, and CHONGKUNDANG showed gains of 1,200, 300, 550, 300, and 2,200 points, settling at 43,050, 49,700, 25,100, 42,750, and 93,500.

Financial sector stocks like BNK Financial Group and DGB Financial Group saw minor losses, falling by 110 and 30 points to close at 6,890 and 8,090. SAMSUNG BIOLOGICS dropped 6,000 points to end at 723,000.

The session demonstrated varied performances across different sectors, suggesting a cautious approach by investors in the Korean stock market.

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