Le Sserafim Aims to Conquer Anxieties with New Album “Easy”

SEOUL — Le Sserafim, the K-pop girl group, has expressed their excitement over their latest album "Easy," which seeks to encapsulate the group's resilience and determination to overcome challenges. During a media showcase in Seoul, the members shared their intentions behind the album, emphasizing their commitment to presenting a genuine and human side to their audience.

According to Yonhap News Agency, "Easy" is not just a musical compilation but a narrative of their struggles, efforts, and unwavering spirit behind the scenes. Kazuha, one of the members, highlighted the group's dedication to authenticity, stating that the album is a reflection of their "blood, sweat, and tears offstage." The EP, scheduled for release at 6 p.m. on Monday, marks the group's third, following a nine-month hiatus since their last studio album "Unforgiven."

"Easy" comprises five tracks, each exploring different facets of the group's vulnerabilities and strengths. From old-school hip-hop to hard-rock, the album delves into the anxieties and concerns behind Le Sserafim's confident exterior. The lead track, also named "Easy," introduces a new musical direction for the group with its trap base and catchy R&B vocals.

The group's ambition to make an impact on the global music scene is evident, with Kim Chae-won expressing hopes for the song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Since their debut in May 2022, Le Sserafim has achieved significant commercial success, with their previous releases "Antifragile" and "Unforgiven" becoming million-sellers.

Le Sserafim's journey continues as they prepare to perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April, signaling their growing influence in the international music landscape.

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