LG Twins Players Eager to Claim KBO Championship After Decades

SEOUL – The LG Twins, a seasoned Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) team, are on the brink of potentially ending their 29-year championship drought, with players expressing a mix of resolve and anticipation ahead of the Korean Series opener against the KT Wiz on Tuesday.

According to Yonhap News Agency, there's a shared belief that the moment for the Twins to lift the trophy has arrived. This sentiment comes in the wake of global baseball victories where long-standing title droughts were broken; the Hanshin Tigers in Japan and the Texas Rangers in the United States each ended lengthy waits for their respective championships earlier this fall.

Oh referenced the recent successes of international teams, linking their triumphs to a strong desire for victory, a sentiment he feels is mirrored within the Twins' roster. Im, who has been a lifelong fan of the Twins, recounted his personal anguish during the team's loss in the 2002 Korean Series, adding a personal narrative to the team's current championship quest.

The Twins have been diligent since spring training, Im noted, with an unwavering focus on clinching the coveted title. Their last Korean Series appearance in 2002 ended in a heart-wrenching defeat when the Samsung Lions overturned a four-run deficit with two home runs in the final inning of Game 6.

However, the Twins' opponents, the KT Wiz, are not to be underestimated. The Wiz secured their inaugural Korean Series title just two years prior in 2021, and they retain a battle-hardened core from that championship roster, including the 2021 MVP, Park Kyung-su.

Park Yeong-hyun, a reliever for the Wiz, who debuted in the KBO last year, shared his mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement about participating in his first Korean Series. He mused on the prospect of a climactic Game 7, highlighting the sheer excitement that such a game would generate for both teams and fans alike.

As both teams prepare to face off, the Twins and their supporters are hopeful that the tide of global baseball fortune will carry them to the end of their title wait.

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