Life Sentence for Busan ‘Curiosity’ Murderer

BUSAN - Jung Yoo-jung, the suspect in a high-profile murder case that shocked South Korea for its random and curious nature, was sentenced to life in prison by the Busan District Court.

The court dismissed Jung's claim of being in a mental and physical disorder at the time of the crime. The 23-year-old was arrested for the murder of a female freelance tutor in Busan's Geumjeong district on May 26. Jung, who had no prior connection to the victim, killed her using a weapon, dismembered the body, and disposed of parts in a riverside bush in Yangsan.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Jung's arrest followed a tip-off from a taxi driver who found her actions suspicious. Police investigations revealed that Jung, who exhibited an abnormal psychopathy index, committed the murder out of curiosity. She met the victim through an app designed to match tutors with students and parents and had attempted to meet two other individuals via the same platform.

Prosecutors had initially demanded the death penalty for Jung, citing the heinous nature of the crime. Jung, in her defense, requested a reduced sentence, citing mental and physical disorders.

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