Meet LG’s Smart Cottage at IFA tech show

With white drapes hanging from the ceiling, looking like waves coming ashore, LG Electronics Inc. puts out a calm, brightly-lit and spacious exhibition venue, made with eco-friendly and reusable materials at IFA.

Taking a motif from a forest pathway, LG decorated its exhibition hall, titled the LG Sustainable Village, to share its vision for a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle at the annual tech trade show in Berlin.

The IFA 2023 opens Friday and runs through Tuesday, with sustainability as one of the key topics, at a time when consumers, businesses and governments have became environmentally conscious, and increasingly put priority on preserving the planet's health. Among the vast array of latest appliances and innovative products on display, LG Smart Cottage and Net-Zero Vision House are what seemed to arrest visitors' attention the most and to embody LG's vision for a sustainable lifestyle.

Inside the Smart Cottage, a prefabricated home that can be easily built at any desired location, there is everything one might need for comfortable, modern -- yet eco-friendly -- living, from a dishwasher to a fridge to an electric vehicle charger.

The two-story, studio-style house is fitted with the company's smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies, and a 4-kilowatt solar panel on the roof to use solar energy for air conditioning, floor heating and hot water supply.

Premium home appliances at the modular home are interconnected through the home automation LG ThinQ application with eco-friendly features to reduce energy consumption.

LG said the "all-inclusive, ready-to-go home solution" is not merely a house, but a lifestyle that is designed to put the Earth first.

The company also showcased its energy-saving and management solutions at the Net-Zero Vision House section, where visitors can see the energy flows within the home and take actions to reduce power consumption.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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