Minho both excited, pressured to become last SHINee member to go solo

SEOUL– Long-running boy group SHINee’s Minho said Tuesday he feels both excited and pressured to become the group’s last member to debut as a solo artist.

“As it marks my first album as a soloist, I had high expectations for it,” the rapper-vocalist said during an online press conference to promote the album, “Chase.” “All of my bandmates have released their solo albums, so, I was excited to be the last piece of a puzzle and to contain my story in it.”

“Chase” marks Minho’s first solo project since his debut as a SHINee member in June 2011.
When asked whether he felt any pressure about the quality of the upcoming EP, Minho said “I would be lying if I said no,” but thanked his bandmates for creating a unique universe of solo musicians from the band so he could simply fit himself in.

“Taemin opened the door of the world as a SHINee soloist, Jonghyun succeeded it, and then Key and Onew expanded it well. I think I fit in as the last piece of the puzzle, so I’m grateful to my bandmates.”

Minho filled the “last piece” with six songs, all based on hip-hop and R&B genres that he likes the most.

The title song, “Chase,” is a medium-tempo pop song based on hip-hop and R&B genres with a piano loop and an arpeggio synth sound on a heavy base. Its lyrics depict the empty feeling of a man who chases his love interest in his dream but wakes up without being able to reach her.

“When I first heard the song, I really liked the distant and dark mood of the piano sound that begins the song,” Minho said when questioned about the reason for choosing the main track.

He participated in the lyrics writing for “Runaway,” one of the six tracks.

Minho said he cared the most about effectively expressing what he wanted to say in the album in addition to succeeding the universe built by the four other SHINee members who went solo before him.

Asked what he wants to achieve through the album, he answered, “I’ve never thought much about this because I knew I would be disappointed at myself if I expect something big.”

But he said he just wants people to say that he wanted to tell this kind of story, can do this genre of music and proved himself with the album.

The EP will hit various music services at home and abroad at 6 p.m. and get a formal release on Dec. 12.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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