Mixed Results in KOSPI 200 Stock Closings

SEOUL — The closing stock prices of companies listed on the KOSPI 200 index showed mixed results in the latest trading session. KOLON IND ended the day at 42,650 won, up by 1,150 won, while HanmiPharm's stock increased significantly, closing at 303,000 won, up by 9,500 won. SD Biosensor and Meritz Financial also experienced gains, closing higher than their previous values.

According to Yonhap News Agency, BNK Financial Group and DGB Financial Group both saw declines in their stock values, closing at 7,090 won and 8,270 won, down by 20 won respectively. Emart's stock value increased slightly, closing at 76,700 won, up by 200 won. HANKOOK TIRE and TECHNOLOGY and KOLMAR KOREA experienced declines in their stock values.

Other notable movements in the stock market included increases for PIAM, HANJINKAL, DoubleUGames, and HL MANDO. SAMSUNG BIOLOGICS' stock value surged, closing at 732,000 won, up by 12,000 won. GS and LIG Nex1 also saw changes in their stock values, with GS experiencing an increase and LIG Nex1 a decrease.

The stock values of HYUNDAIGLOVIS, HANAFINANCIALGR, and AMOREPACIFIC closed higher, while HANWHA LIFE and DB INSURANCE saw decreases. SLCORP and Yuhan experienced increases in their stock values, and SamsungElec's stock also saw a rise, closing at 72,200 won, up by 1,400 won.

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