Opposition leader Lee vows not to succumb to prosecution’s ‘fabrication’

SEOUL– Opposition leader Lee Jae-myung on Wednesday renewed his pledge not to give way against what he called the prosecution’s “violent attempt to distort and fabricate,” a day after he was questioned over bribery allegations.

In a questioning that lasted roughly 12 hours, Lee, chairman of the main opposition Democratic Party (DP), was grilled by prosecutors on Tuesday over allegations that the city government of Seongnam attracted 17 billion won (US$13.7 million) in corporate donations to its municipal football club in return for administrative favors when he was mayor.

Lee has denied any wrongdoing, claiming that the advertisements would only benefit citizens of Seongnam, south of Seoul, by reducing taxes. He said the probe is a politically motivated attempt to remove him and suppress the main opposition party.

“Standing up against the political prosecution, I responded to the questioning with my head held high,” Lee said in his party’s Supreme Council meeting held in Incheon, west of Seoul.

“I will not succumb to the prosecution regime’s violent attempt to distort and manipulate diligent efforts for the citizens as a crime,” he said, adding that the people and history will prevail against any plotting by the prosecution.

The DP leader took a swipe at the Yoon Suk Yeol government, urging it to focus on the economy and livelihood issues rather than playing power games.

“The economy is ravaged and there are huge holes in security,” he said. “But the presidential office is focused on weighing party leader candidates and dominating power.”

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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