Parliament passes revision to election law, ending election banner chaos

The National Assembly on Thursday approved an election law revision banning political posters or banners on the streets until 120 days prior to polling day.

Political banners have mushroomed on the streets since the Constitutional Court struck down an election law clause banning political banners until 180 days before an election day, citing freedom of political expression.

The chaos continued as the ruling and the main opposition parties failed to come up with a revision, resulting in anyone being allowed to distribute or hang election-related political banners and printed materials on the streets.

But the rival parties recently reached agreement on a revision and passed it Thursday.

Under Thursday's revision to the Public Official Election Act, the banning period will be shortened from the previous 180 days to 120 days, and other types of promotional materials will also be included under the restriction.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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