People Power Party Announces Climate Change Initiatives Ahead of Elections

Seoul - The People Power Party (PPP) disclosed a series of campaign promises on Tuesday aimed at addressing climate change and enhancing the renewable energy sector, setting the stage for the upcoming April general elections. At an event in Seongsu-dong, southeastern Seoul, PPP leader Han Dong-hoon emphasized the importance of climate policy as a responsibility towards the nation's future, acknowledging that such policies might not immediately translate into votes.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the PPP is committed to doubling the state funds allocated for climate change response from the current 2.4 trillion won ($18 billion) to five trillion won by 2027. This increase in funding is intended to support companies that are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to encourage investments and loans for environmentally friendly activities. Additionally, the PPP plans to make the existing special committee on climate change a permanent fixture in the parliament to ensure better coordination with the government on climate issues and to facilitate the deliberation of related bills. The party also proposes to overhaul the electricity pricing system to favor the consumption of non-carbon energy sources, such as nuclear and wind power, and to expand investments in the hydrogen energy sector.

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