Police trying to raid YouTube channel over attempt to enter justice minister’s home

SEOUL– Police investigating an alleged instance of attempted trespassing at the home of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon by a group of YouTubers last month were trying to raid the channel’s office on Wednesday.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency sent investigators to the office of Citizen Press The Tamsa TV, a YouTube channel, in Namyangju, just east of Seoul, to secure documents and other materials in connection with its officials’ attempt to enter Han’s apartment in southern Seoul on Nov. 27 without an appointment or permission from the minister.

But the YouTube channel was refusing to comply with the police raid, saying it cannot cooperate with any attempt to harm the freedom of the press.

Five officials of the channel are accused of unsuccessfully trying to open the door to Han’s home while the minister’s wife and child were in the apartment. Han has filed a complaint against the YouTubers on charges of trespassing and retaliatory crimes.

Police are said to have obtained separate search and seizure warrants for individual officials of the YouTube channel.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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