Renault Korea Reports Decrease in February Sales Amid Domestic Slump

SEOUL - Renault Korea Motors has experienced a 3.8 percent decline in sales for February, attributed to a decrease in domestic demand. The South Korean unit of Renault S.A. disclosed that it sold 6,877 vehicles in February, down from 7,150 units in the same month the previous year.

According to Yonhap News Agency, domestic sales saw a significant drop of 18.5 percent to 1,807 units, although exports exhibited a modest increase of 2.8 percent to 5,070 units compared to last year.

The decrease in domestic sales contrasts with the performance of its exports, particularly of the XM3 model, which accounted for 4,744 units, and the QM6 model, with 308 units shipped overseas in February. Renault Korea's recent sales figures highlight the challenges faced by the automaker in the South Korean market, even as it continues to find success in international markets.

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