Ruling party lawmakers propose resolution condemning civilian attacks by Hamas

SEOUL, A group of lawmakers from the ruling People Power Party (PPP) proposed Wednesday a resolution condemning Hamas' attacks on civilians in its escalating war with Israel.

The resolution, sponsored by 13 PPP lawmakers and one independent, defines civilian attacks by Hamas as an act of "terrorism" and urges the immediate release of people held hostage by Hamas.

It also calls for the personal safety of South Korean nationals staying in the area while prodding the South Korean government to play a global role in peacefully resolving the conflict surrounding the Gaza Strip.

In a separate statement, a party spokesperson denounced Hamas' attacks on civilian as an apparent crime.

"The PPP condemns Hamas' obvious criminal act and calls for the international community to actively muster wisdom to prevent further escalation and expansion of the situation," the PPP's chief spokesperson, Rep. Park Jeong-ha, said.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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