SBS TV’s ‘My Demon’ Blends Fantasy and Romance in a Chaebol Heiress’s Story

Seoul, South Korea – SBS TV's new fantasy romantic comedy "My Demon" is set to captivate viewers with the intriguing growth story of its main characters, as they evolve from initial animosity to mutual understanding and support. The series features the complex relationship between a chaebol heiress and a 200-year-old 'demon.'

According to Yonhap News Agency, Lead actress Kim Yoo-jung, speaking at a press event at the network's headquarters, described the series as a journey of the main characters learning about the world and each other. In the series, Kim plays Do Do-hee, a distrustful heiress of a chaebol who undergoes significant change after entering a marriage with a 'demon' for specific reasons.

Song Kang, known for his role in Netflix's "Sweet Home," portrays Jung Gu-won, an eternally young, narcissistic being who loses his supernatural powers and seeks to regain them through marriage with Do-hee. The characters' double-sided nature, appearing perfect yet being incomplete, is a key aspect of the series.

Kim and Song worked closely to explore their characters' paradoxical traits and deliver their complexities effectively. Director Kim Jang-han highlighted the fantastical and dramatic elements of the series, particularly in expressing Gu-won's supernatural abilities. The series promises a fast-paced and comical story development, along with the stunning visual appeal of the actors.

"My Demon" is a 16-part series set to air on SBS TV later in the day, adding a unique blend of fantasy and romance to the Korean drama landscape.

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