Seoul holds 1st interagency prep meeting for Korea-Africa summit next year

The Korea-Africa special summit slated for next year will mark a "major milestone" in Seoul's diplomacy, Foreign Minister Park Jin said Friday, as the country held its first interagency talks to discuss preparations for the upcoming summit.

Park made the remark at the preparatory committee meeting involving 20 agencies, including the transportation and labor ministries, stressing that Africa is a "continent of endless possibilities" and a "land of opportunities."

"The Korea-Africa summit to be held next year will mark a major milestone in our diplomacy with Africa," he said, emphasizing the growing influence of Africa on the international diplomatic stage.

Park also noted the importance of Africa as a region rich in key minerals, such as lithium, nickel and cobalt, as disruptions in supply chains have increased amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukrainian war.

"Under such circumstances, Africa is an important partner to us that we cannot give up on as a region that possesses critical minerals essential to future industries," he added.

South Korea is set to host its first summit meeting with Africa in June next year to bolster its mutually beneficial and cooperative relations with nations in the region.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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