South Korea to Enhance Maritime Security in Indo-Pacific Strategy

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea is set to expand its maritime security cooperation in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, as part of its efforts to implement its Indo-Pacific strategy, which aims to contribute to regional peace and stability. This was stated by First Vice Foreign Minister Chang Ho-jin at a recent forum.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Chang spoke at the pan-government forum, marking the one-year anniversary of the strategy's launch. He emphasized South Korea's commitment to contributing to a peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific region. "Over the last 12 months, government ministries and agencies have collaborated to design action plans for the Indo-Pacific strategy," Chang said.

"In pursuit of peace in the Indo-Pacific, the Republic of Korea will expand comprehensive security cooperation, including in maritime security," Chang elaborated. He mentioned plans to establish a maritime domain awareness platform to enhance information sharing among regional countries. This initiative is expected to help combat illegal fishing by supporting capacity building in Southeast Asian and Pacific island countries.

The Yoon Suk Yeol government unveiled this strategy last December, aiming to promote freedom, peace, and prosperity through the establishment of a rules-based order based on inclusiveness, trust, and reciprocity. It encompasses nine core tasks related to building a rules-based regional order, enhancing economic security through cooperation in fields such as science, technology, and climate change, and engaging in development cooperation partnerships.

Chang also revealed plans to launch various Indo-Pacific consultative bodies with major partner countries to promote democracy and a rules-based order. South Korea intends to establish "tailored" development cooperation partnerships with countries in need and double its official development assistance to Pacific island countries by 2027 to support sustainable growth. A regional cooperation fund for the South Asia and Indian Ocean region will also be created to achieve these goals.

"Our action plan will serve as a cornerstone, anchoring a strategic and robust footing. This is a long exhaustive list of the ROK's commitment to the Indo-Pacific," Chang concluded.

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