South Korean Bond Yields Experience Notable Increases on October 19, 2023

Seoul, South Korea — South Korean bond yields witnessed changes across various terms on October 19, 2023, according to the data released today.

Yonhap News Agency reports the one-year Treasury Bond (TB) rate increased by 1.4 basis points to 3.767 percent from 3.753 percent in the previous session. The two-year TB rose by 1.3 basis points, standing at 3.979 percent compared to 3.966 percent. The three-year TB showed a more significant rise of 3.9 basis points to 4.070 percent from 4.031 percent.

The 10-year TB experienced a jump of 7.5 basis points, reaching 4.362 percent from its previous 4.287 percent. The two-year Monetary Stabilization Bond (MSB) rate climbed by 1.8 basis points to 3.969 percent from 3.951 percent. The three-year Corporate Bond with an AA- rating increased by 4.2 basis points to 4.872 percent from 4.830 percent. The 91-day Certificate of Deposit (CD) remained steady at 3.820 percent.

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