South Korean Bond Yields Experience Notable Shifts on January 26, 2024

SEOUL - South Korea witnessed significant changes in bond yields on January 26, 2024, with various maturities showing a mix of declines and stability in their rates. The movements in these yields reflect ongoing adjustments in the financial market.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the yield on the 1-year Treasury Bond (TB) decreased to 3.318% from the previous session's 3.347%, marking a change of -2.9 basis points. Similarly, the 2-year TB yield fell to 3.310%, down by 5.5 basis points from 3.365%. The 3-year TB also saw a decline, dropping 5.0 basis points to 3.263% from 3.313%.

In the longer-term segment, the 10-year TB yield decreased to 3.386%, a change of -3.3 basis points from the previous rate of 3.419%. The 2-year Monetary Stabilization Bond (MSB) recorded a yield of 3.311%, showing a decrease of 3.9 basis points from 3.350%.

The 3-year Corporate Bond (CB) with an AA- rating experienced a notable decrease in yield, falling 5.1 basis points to 4.010% from 4.061%. However, the 91-day Certificate of Deposit (CD) maintained stability, holding steady at a yield of 3.680%, unchanged from the previous session.

These shifts in bond yields are indicative of the dynamic nature of the financial markets and are closely watched by investors and policymakers for insights into economic trends and monetary policy impacts.

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