South Korean Industry Minister Visits Chile and Trinidad and Tobago to Bolster Economic Ties in Energy Sectors

SEOUL — South Korean Industry Minister Bang Moon-kyu is on a diplomatic trip to Chile and Trinidad and Tobago, aimed at expanding economic cooperation in battery materials and renewable energy sectors, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, Bang left South Korea on Saturday to serve as a special presidential envoy on this mission. In Chile, the minister will engage in talks with local officials to solidify supply agreements for essential battery materials and further economic cooperation. The discussions will also focus on helping South Korean companies enter Chile's renewable energy market. Chile is home to the world's largest lithium reserves, with an estimated 9.3 million metric tons, as per the U.S. Geological Survey data published in January.

In Trinidad and Tobago, Bang is set to meet with officials of the Caribbean nation to explore avenues for boosting trade and investment, along with cooperation in energy resources, the ministry's statement clarified.

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