South Korea’s Broadcasting Regulator Renews Licenses for Three TV Channels

SEOUL – The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) announced on Wednesday that it has renewed broadcasting licenses for three television channels, allowing them to continue operations for another four years. This renewal affects Yonhap News TV, YTN, and Channel A, with their licenses now extended until March 31 and April 21, 2028, respectively.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the decision came after a thorough evaluation process, confirming that all three channels met the major criteria set forth for license renewal. These channels had previously been tasked with certain conditions in 2020 for their operations to be reapproved, conditions that they have since fulfilled.

Kim Hong-il, head of the KCC, emphasized the rigorous nature of the renewal process and the significant role these cable and TV news channels play in shaping social agendas and influencing public opinion, especially in a rapidly evolving media landscape. The commission's statement reflects its commitment to ensuring that these channels continue to serve their critical function in South Korean society with integrity and responsibility.

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