Türkiye contributed to establishing global peace, tranquility, security in 2022: President Erdogan

With its roles in the Black Sea grain initiative and the mediation in the Russia-Ukraine war, Türkiye contributed to establishing global peace, tranquility, and security in 2022, Türkiye’s president said on Saturday, according to Anadolu Agency.

In his New Year’s message, Recep Tayyip Erdogan emphasized that Ankara made a very important contribution to the solution of the global food crisis by implementing the Istanbul grain export deal and securing its extension, which allows exports of food from key Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea.

“We contributed to the establishment of global peace, tranquility, and security. We acted as a mediator in resolving conflicts, including the Ukraine crisis,” Erdogan said.

Extending New Year greetings, Erdogan wishes “every member of our nation as well as the whole humanity a year full of peace and welfare in 2023.”

Besides, addressing challenges that Türkiye overcame as the year comes to an end, Erdogan underlined the country’s hard work to establish a peaceful and secure environment in the region and also on a global scale.

“No one can deny the fact that Türkiye has gained the respect of all, including its perennial adversaries, with its sensible and calm stance favoring peace and restraint in international crises,” he said.

Ankara has successfully held the term presidency of the Organization of Turkic States and MIKTA, a grouping of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Türkiye, and Australia.

“Our goal is no longer to rank in the top tier of the global political and economic league. Our goal is rather to obtain the political and economic strength that will put us among the very top of the top tier,” he said.

Stating that they strengthened the representation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), which joined the Organization of Turkish States as an observer member, Erdogan said they told the whole world about the violations carried out in the Eastern Aegean Islands, which have non-military status.

“We ensured that NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept was shaped within the framework of Türkiye’s sensitivities and expectations,” he added.

Source: Azertag

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