U.N. Command holds Korean War armistice anniv. event

SEOUL– The U.N. Command (UNC) held a ceremony Wednesday commemorating the 69th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that halted the 1950-53 Korean War, stressing its steadfast focus on maintaining peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Deputy UNC Commander Lt. Gen. Andrew Harrison hosted the event that brought together officials from the United States, South Korea and “Sending States” that provided troops and other forms of support during the war.

The armistice was signed on July 27, 1953, by three parties — representatives of the U.S.-led UNC, North Korea and China. The UNC has since played a key role in enforcing the armistice as a pivotal tool to keep peace on the peninsula.

In his speech, Harrison called attention to the story of British Col. James Carne, who fought fiercely in the Korean War but was held captive for years until September 1953. The story was about a piece of stone that Carne carved to represent his unit during his captivity.

“Every day, I stare at that stone and the sacrifice that it embodies,” he said. “To me it’s emblematic of what the UNC does in Korea, why we’re here far from home, and what we still need to do to guarantee peace and prosperity of this country.”

Harrison then underscored his command’s dedication to preserving peace here “until the blessed day when we are no longer needed.”

“We will serve and if necessary sacrifice to maintain the freedom, the peace and the prosperity that Colonel James Carne and so many of his colleagues gave so much for,” the general emphasized.

Also attending the ceremony was Brig. Gen. Nam Wan-su, a member of the UNC Military Armistice Commission.

“We are carrying out our missions in accordance with legitimate international procedures, and I think that we are contributing to maintaining peace and stability not only on the peninsula but also in Northeast Asia and the entire world,” he said.

The UNC is currently led by U.S. Gen. Paul LaCamera. He is in the U.S. to attend a ceremony unveiling the Wall of Remembrance, a new Korean War monument in Washington D.C.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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