Democratic Party of South Korea Faces Leadership Tensions Ahead of Elections

Seoul – The Democratic Party (DP), South Korea's main opposition party, is poised for a crucial leadership discussion this Saturday. Current DP leader Lee Jae-myung announced a breakfast meeting with former leader Lee Nak-yon amidst growing calls for his resignation.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the meeting, scheduled to occur in a private setting at a restaurant in central Seoul, comes in response to Lee Nak-yon's demand for him to step down and support the formation of a joint interim leadership committee. This move is seen as a preparatory step for the parliamentary elections set for next April.

The current DP leader acknowledged the urgency and importance of the meeting, stating, "I was able to get in touch with former leader Lee a short while ago, and it looks like we will meet tomorrow morning." He emphasized the need for unity and not disappointing the public, suggesting a potential visit to the former leader's residence.

With the deadline for a decision on this proposal set for the end of the year, the stakes are high. Lee Nak-yon has indicated that if his proposal is declined, he plans to establish a new party at the beginning of the next year, potentially shaking the dynamics within the DP.

The upcoming meeting is significant in the context of the DP's strategy and leadership alignment ahead of the parliamentary elections. It remains to be seen whether the two leaders will find common ground or if their differences in position will lead to further division within the party.

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