DPR accentuates criticality of intensifying RI-South Korea cooperation

Jakarta (ANTARA) – House of Representatives (DPR RI) Speaker Puan Maharani highlighted the urgency to enhance bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea amid the uncertainty of the post-COVID-19 pandemic era.

Maharani said that bilateral relations between both nations, which had spanned five decades, continue to progress and benefit both countries in various areas, such as trade, education, technology, and innovation.

“No countries could work by themselves to face the multi-dimensional challenges we are facing now. We need a greater partnership between Indonesia and South Korea,” Maharani noted, according to the statement here, Sunday (November 6).

At a banquet hosted by Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon in Busan, Sunday evening, the speaker said that Busan could play an important role in bolstering bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea.

She expressed optimism that more cities in Indonesia would synergize with Busan to promote various programs and transfer of knowledge that would in turn be beneficial to both countries.

“Let us together explore opportunities and potentials before our eyes, and let us work together to ensure our cooperation will benefit the people we serve,” Maharani stated.

Busan, as the key trade port in South Korea, has an important role to play in trade, logistics, maritime industry, and cultural exchange with other countries, including Indonesia, she remarked.

“Akin to several cities in Indonesia, Busan also has a rich cultural heritage with various historical spaces and the most important, spacious tourism attractions, with beaches and natural wonders,” Maharani remarked.

Maharani highlighted that Busan had signed a sister city cooperation agreement with Surabaya, and Indonesia had selected the city to host the Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC).

“The ITPC is our recognition of the role of Busan in (playing a) bridging (role between) Indonesia and South Korea. Our office here will (function as a) bridge (for) economic and trade cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea,” the DPR RI speaker remarked.

Apart from attending the banquet, Maharani is expected to receive an honorary doctorate from Busan’s Pukyong National University on Monday. Members of parliament and government officials accompanied Maharani during her visit to South Korea.

Source: Antara News

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