Intesa Sanpaolo launches new programme to encourage business investment in energy transition

MILAN, Italy, April 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Intesa Sanpaolo renews its commitment to support businesses in the energy transition. Promoting the energy autonomy processes of Italian companies by increasing their competitiveness and generating economic, environmental and social benefits for the community, with a view to renewed cooperation between the public and private sectors. This is the main objective of ‘Motore Italia Transizione Energetica’, the programme presented by Intesa Sanpaolo, which envisages a series of initiatives to encourage investment in energy from renewable sources, also launching a specific project linked to Renewable Energy Communities (RECs).

The package of measures was illustrated by Intesa Sanpaolo in Milan, during a presentation attended by business and institutional representatives such as Alessandra Ricci, CEO of SACE, Paolo Arrigoni, chairman of GSE, Antonio Decaro, mayor of Bari and chairman of ANCI. Following an overview of the country’s economic and energy context by Gregorio De Felice, Chief Economist at Intesa Sanpaolo, Anna Roscio, Head of Corporate Sales & Marketing at Intesa Sanpaolo, illustrated the new plan entitled ‘Motore Italia Transizione Energetica’ (Italy’s Energy Transition Engine). Emanuele Orsini, Vice-President of Confindustria, also took the floor. Stefano Barrese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Banca dei Territori Division, illustrated the goals and opportunities for the business world in investing in renewable energy and contributing to the country’s growth.

The 76 billion euro cap for investments in renewable energy plants is one of the measures proposed by Italy’s leading banking group to support the energy and environmental transition set out in the NRRP, for which the group has earmarked a total of more than 410 billion euros between now and 2026 to support the objectives of the plan’s missions, of which 120 billion euros for SMEs.

Stefano Barrese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Banca dei Territori Division, commented: “Today, together with our partners, we are renewing our commitment to the business world in a decisive area, that of energy transition. The collaboration between private and public entities, which has already yielded good results during the pandemic, must be strengthened for the development of Renewable Energy Communities, an important opportunity for SMEs and households by virtue of concrete economic, social and environmental benefits for entire territories. This is why we intend to provide our businesses, private individuals, and Third Sector operators, in the broadest possible perspective, with the most innovative tools to make them seize the opportunities arising from the energy transition, reinforcing the initiatives already launched under the NRRP, with a forecast of 410 billion euros in funding, of which 76 billion earmarked for the energy transition, thereby helping to generate sustainable growth in line with the objectives of our Business Plan.”

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