Investigation Opens Into Celebrity Coach Hyun Joo-yub for Neglecting High School Basketball Team

SEOUL — Allegations of neglect have led the Seoul education office to initiate a formal investigation into Hyun Joo-yub, a well-known former basketball player and television celebrity who currently serves as the head coach of the Whimoon High School basketball team.

According to Yonhap News Agency, complaints from parents last month accused Hyun of delegating his coaching responsibilities to an acquaintance while he focused on his television career. There were also concerns about his alleged attempts to influence the basketball team management at Whimoon Middle School, where his sons are players.

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education confirmed the launch of the investigation, signaling that punitive measures could be taken if the allegations prove to be true. An official from the education office emphasized that any discovered irregularities would lead to appropriate actions. This scrutiny comes amid growing concerns over the commitment of celebrity coaches to their educational roles and the impact of their other professional engagements on their coaching duties.

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