K-Pop Duo TVXQ! Celebrates 20 Years with New Album and Pledge to Challenge Musical Stagnation

SEOUL: Marking their 20th anniversary in the K-pop industry, TVXQ! released their ninth studio album, "20and2," showcasing their commitment to continuous musical evolution. The album features a variety of tracks, including the lead single "Rebel," which combines energetic drum beats and synth bass. During a press conference in Seoul, member Max Changmin shared that "Rebel" symbolizes the group's determination to progress musically without stagnation. According to Yonhap, the album includes other tracks like "Down," "Rodeo," "Jungle," and solo pieces by the two members, highlighting the duo's musical direction.

According to Yonhap News Agency, TVXQ! debuted as a five-member group on December 26, 2003, and has since become a prominent force in the K-pop scene with hits like "I Believe," "Rising Sun," "Mirotic," and "Keep Your Head Down." Despite the departure of three members in 2010, the group has continued as a duo, maintaining their presence in the industry. Members U-Know Yunho and Changmin attribute their longevity to their sincerity and passion. Yunho emphasized the group's meticulous approach to every performance, while Changmin expressed a focus on successfully completing their upcoming year-end concert. TVXQ! will celebrate their album release with a concert at Inspire Arena on Yeongjong Island, Incheon.

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