KCC Postpones License Renewal Decision for Over 140 Terrestrial TV Stations

SEOUL – The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) announced a delay in the decision to renew licenses for over 140 terrestrial TV stations on Sunday. The broadcasting regulator had scheduled a meeting to renew the licenses of 141 stations owned by 34 companies, but the meeting was unexpectedly canceled.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the postponement was due to the insufficient time available for a thorough review of the permit renewals and associated conditions. Lee assured that the commission aims to complete the review process promptly and emphasized that the companies would not be penalized due to the lapse in their licenses. The delay has raised concerns within the broadcasting industry, particularly as licenses for major networks, including KBS 2TV and SBS, were set to expire on Sunday. There is apprehension about the potential for unlicensed, illegal broadcasting activities during this interim period.

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