Defense Chief Warns of North Korea’s Provocative Acts Leading to Self-Destruction

Seoul, South Korea - Defense Minister Shin Won-sik issued a stern warning to North Korea on New Year's Day, cautioning that their continued provocations against South Korea could lead to their own demise. The statement came as a response to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's aggressive stance towards inter-Korean relations and his preparation directives for potential suppressive actions against South Korea.

According to Yonhap News Agency, North Korea's recent declarations and actions, including the labeling of South Korea as a hostile state and the refusal to consider it a partner in reconciliation and reunification, are alarming. In his New Year's Day message, the Defense Minister emphasized that North Korea's reckless behavior and threats towards the Republic of Korea (South Korea's official name) are likely to persist into the new year. He referenced the outcomes of North Korea's party meeting to support his claims.

The Defense Minister stressed the importance of South Korea's military readiness in such a precarious security situation. He advocated for a posture of overwhelming strength to maintain real peace, dismissing mere words or agreements as insufficient. Shin emphasized the necessity of a strong, immediate, and lasting response to any provocations from the North.

Reinforcing his words, South Korean forces conducted live-fire artillery drills on Monday, as reported by the Army. The exercise, involving about 330 troops of the 3rd Infantry Division Artillery Brigade, saw the firing of approximately 150 artillery rounds in a scenario simulating enemy firepower provocations. Captain Baek Jong-chan highlighted these drills as a demonstration of South Korea's readiness and capability to retaliate immediately in the face of enemy provocations.

The defense ministry also issued a warning to North Korea on Sunday concerning its plans to enhance strategic weapons. The ministry cautioned that the Kim regime would face its end if it attempts to use nuclear weapons against the South. This warning comes amid North Korea's continued efforts to advance its weapons programs, including launching intercontinental ballistic missiles five times in the past year.

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