KOICA supports Azerbaijan on Building Cyber Security Capacity

Country-specific KOICA training program titled “Cyber Security Capacity Building” is held from October 24 to 28, 2022, for 21 officials from the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport within the framework of the KOICA Grant Program in cooperation with the Korea University. The overall training program is planned to be 3 years course with this being the second year. Last year, the training program was held in an online format. However, this year, it is organized as a local training program in consideration of training efficiency, pandemic under the better condition, and increasing the participation of trainees as well.

Through this program, trainees had a chance to get to promote cyber security capabilities and system building in Azerbaijan by studying Korea’s experiences and tactics on cyber security such as Korea’s Cyber threat Response system, the Korean government’s strategy, Cyber incidents investigation tactics and techniques, etc. At the end of the Program the participants developed Action plans on the development strategy on cyber security for the Azerbaijan government.

On the 28 October the Closing Ceremony of the Training Program was held at the ADA University. The Event was attended by the representatives of the KOICA Azerbaijan Office, Korea University, ADA University and the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport and the participants of the Training Program.In the opening remarks, Korean Side stated that “the Korean Government is fully committed to supporting Azerbaijan Government to promote cyber security capabilities and system building in Azerbaijan by sharing Korea’’s experiences on Information Policies, Cyber Security Laws and etc.

The Azerbaijan Side in their return expressed their gratitude to the Korean Government, especially to the KOICA for their support and highlighted that the Country-specific KOICA training program played an important role for participants to promote capability in the cyber security field and gain knowledge to combat various types of cybercrime and information security-related threats. For information, the KOICA supports a variety of fellowship programs for Human Resource Development (HRD), the ones mainly offered to Azerbaijan are Multi-Country Programs, Country-Specific Programs and Scholarship Programs. Approximately 1,000 officials have participated in the KOICA HRD Programs up to date.

Source: Azertag

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