KOSPI 200 Stocks Show Mixed Results in Latest Closing Prices

SEOUL - The Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) 200 showed a mix of ups and downs in the latest closing prices of stocks, as noted on Monday.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, Hansae closed at 20,750, up by 500 points. Youngone Corp ended at 52,900, gaining 2,600 points. In contrast, CSWIND dropped by 950 points to 48,600. GKL showed an increase, closing at 14,760, up by 340. KOLON IND experienced a decline of 250 points, ending at 42,700.

Other notable stock movements included HanmiPharm, up 1,000 points at 274,000, and SD Biosensor, which rose by 130 points to 10,150. Meritz Financial dropped by 2,200 points, closing at 47,900. BNK Financial Group and DGB Financial Group also saw declines, closing at 7,050 down by 100 and 8,130 down by 110, respectively.

In addition, emart remained static, closing at 70,900, and SAMSUNG BIOLOGICS ended at 700,000, down by 6,000 points. Among tech companies, HANWHA SYSTEMS closed at 12,370, up by 430, while SK ie technology declined by 900 points to 63,800.

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