People Power Party Appoints 12 Members to New Innovation Committee Led by Doctor Ihn Yohan

SEOUL - The ruling People Power Party (PPP) has appointed 12 members to its newly formed innovation committee, announced four days after the appointment of Doctor Ihn Yohan as its chair.

According to a new release by the Yonhap News Agency, the members, who consist of seven women and six men, were approved during a party leadership meeting on Thursday. The list of members includes a sitting lawmaker, a former TV anchor, and a startup executive.

Doctor Ihn Yohan, who is of American descent and recently naturalized, explained that the committee aims to bring in diverse perspectives, particularly from women and the youth. "I took into consideration women, people of a younger age, and the youth who will become our next generation. We tried to bring in as many people from outside the party," Ihn said during a press conference.

The innovation committee was initiated last week to reform the PPP and regain voter trust after a disappointing performance in a recent local by-election in Seoul. Ihn pledged to bring substantial changes to the party and focus on promoting national unity.

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