Renowned billiard player joins ruling party ahead of local elections

SEOUL-- Professional billiard player Cha Yu-ram joined the ruling People Power Party (PPP) in a ceremony on Friday, vowing to represent the voices of culture and sports circles in politics and seeking to play a role in the upcoming local elections.

The 34-year-old Cha acquired the nickname of "Goddess of Billiards" after winning a number of domestic and world pool championships until the early 2010s and switching to professional three-cushion billiards in 2019.

She is expected to support the PPP's campaigns and public relations activities ahead of the June 1 local elections and parliamentary by-elections.

"I've felt how important the role of the government is while running a small business. The survival of indoor sports facilities is now threatened by COVID-19 business restrictions," she said in the ceremony, promising to represent the cultural and sports sectors suffering hardships.

PPP Chairman Lee Jun-seok said Cha has been invited to join his party's election committee as a special adviser and the PPP will try to recruit more diverse young people.

Source: Yonhap News Agency