Ruling party calls on DP spokesman to resign for misquoting EU ambassador

SEOUL– The floor leader of the ruling People Power Party (PPP) on Thursday demanded the spokesman of the main opposition Democratic Party resign for causing a “humiliating diplomatic gaffe” by misquoting European Union Ambassador Maria Castillo Fernandez.

PPP floor leader Rep. Joo Ho-young made the remark a day after the DP spokesman, Rep. Kim Eui-kum, apologized for quoting the EU envoy differently from what she said during her meeting with DP Chairman Lee Jae-myung earlier this week.

During a press briefing, Kim told reporters the ambassador compared the preceding and incumbent governments’ responses to Pyongyang’s provocations, saying there was no channel for dialogue at the moment.

But Fernandez later voiced regret that her remarks were misquoted.

“Ambassador Fernandez clearly said her remarks were misused and distorted. This is truly a humiliating diplomatic gaffe,” Joo said. “The spokesman of the No. 1 opposition party has become a spokesman of lies and distortion.”

Rep. Sung Il-jong, the PPP’s chief policymaker, also voiced concerns over the diplomatic blunder and urged the main opposition to act in a responsible manner.

“Which foreign envoy will now meet with the DP without worrying?” Sung said. “Maliciously editing conversations held with a foreign envoy is a diplomatic disaster that hurts a country’s political trust.”

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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