Sejong Reports on President Yoon’s Firm Stance Against Doctors’ Strike

Sejong – President Yoon Suk Yeol has asserted a stringent response to the prolonged doctors' strike that continues to disrupt the healthcare system in South Korea. Addressing the nation amid a critical standoff with the medical community, Yoon emphasized the necessity of upholding law and order in face of the collective action by thousands of intern and resident physicians.

According to Yonhap News Agency, located 113 kilometers south of Seoul, President Yoon elaborated on the severity of the situation, as the doctors' strike extends beyond two weeks without adherence to the government's command to resume duties. The clash arises amidst government plans to escalate medical school admissions by 2,000 starting the next year, a proposal met with considerable resistance from the medical sector.

The President labeled the strike as a self-imposed dereliction of duty, undermining the tenets of liberalism and legal order. He articulated that any illegal group action, especially one jeopardizing public health, warrants a decisive legal response. Concurrently, the government has initiated punitive actions against striking medical personnel, threatening the suspension of their medical licenses unless they return to their posts.

Yoon's administration is consolidating efforts across various ministries to mitigate the strike's impact on healthcare services, including earmarking 128.5 billion won for emergency treatment stability and rewarding medical staff who maintain their responsibilities. Additionally, the President touched on the implementation of the "Neulbom School" program and the commencement of the "Freedom Shield" military drills with the U.S., highlighting broader national security and educational reforms amidst the healthcare crisis.

The ongoing standoff accentuates deeper systemic issues within South Korea's healthcare framework, prompting Yoon to advocate for hospital governance reforms and enhanced support for medical institutions, emphasizing the urgency to address the healthcare workforce shortage illuminated by the strike.

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