SK Group’s “Wonderland” Attracts Record Attendance at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - South Korea's SK Group is wrapping up its participation in the CES 2024 exhibition in Las Vegas, marking a successful four-day event highlighted by its innovative "Wonderland" theme-park showroom.

According to Yonhap News Agency, SK Group reported that its exhibition booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center attracted around 60,000 visitors over the first three days of the tech show, more than doubling the attendance from the previous year. The 1,850-square-meter "Wonderland" showroom, designed with a theme park concept, showcased SK Group's vision of a low-carbon, technology-driven future.

Visitors to "Wonderland" had the opportunity to engage with various futuristic attractions, including rides on advanced trains, experiences on flying carpets, and interactions with an AI fortuneteller. These attractions were designed to depict a world free from the impacts of the climate crisis, aligning with SK Group's strong commitment to carbon reduction.

This commitment was brought into focus last year when SK Group announced at CES 2023 its plans to cut 200 million tons of carbon emissions by 2030. This target is equivalent to 1 percent of the global carbon emissions reduction goal set by the International Energy Agency.

An SK official noted that this year's CES presentation aimed to simplify the complex concepts of carbon reduction and AI technologies for better public understanding. "We will continue to work toward engaging more people in SK's journey," the official said.

Adding to the event's prominence, SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won and K-pop star G-Dragon visited the booth in person on the opening day, underscoring the exhibition's significance for the company.

The successful showing of SK Group at CES 2024 demonstrates the company's innovative approach to technology and its dedication to a sustainable future.

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