South Korea Government Takes Precautionary Measures for Expected Heavy Rain and Snow

SEOUL - In anticipation of heavy rain and snow forecast across South Korea early this week, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety convened a pan-government meeting on Sunday. The meeting, conducted via video conference, involved officials from eight ministries and representatives from 17 provinces.

According to Yonhap News Agency, there is an expectation of 30 to 80 millimeters of rain in Gangwon Province, North Gyeongsang Province, the southern coast, and Jeju Island on Monday and Tuesday. Additionally, certain mountainous regions in Gangwon Province are forecasted to receive 10 to 20 centimeters of snow, with some areas potentially experiencing up to 30 centimeters during the period.

During the meeting, the ministry issued advisories to the concerned ministries and provinces to take necessary precautions. These included cleaning rainwater drains, ensuring proper management of drainage facilities, and the proactive placement of snow removal equipment and relief supplies in areas expecting heavy snow. The ministry also emphasized the importance of implementing safety measures to prevent accidents in these regions.

These steps are part of the government's efforts to minimize potential damage and ensure public safety in response to the adverse weather conditions forecasted for the coming days.

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