South Korean Bond Yields as of December 11, 2023

SEOUL: Today, the bond yields for various South Korean treasury bonds and monetary stabilization bonds were reported as follows:

According to Yonhap News Agency, 1-year Treasury Bill (TB): 3.575%, a 1.5 basis point increase from the previous session which was at 3.560%.

2-year Treasury Bill (TB): No change was reported for this session.

3-year Treasury Bill (TB): 3.480%, witnessing an increase of 1.9 basis points from 3.461% in the previous session.

10-year Treasury Bill (TB): No data was reported for this session.

2-year Monetary Stabilization Bond (MSB): 3.578%, up by 4.1 basis points from 3.537% in the previous session.

3-year Corporate Bond (AA-): No data was available for this session.

91-day Certificate of Deposit (CD): Remained unchanged at 3.840%.

These figures provide insight into the current state of the South Korean bond market as of December 11, 2023.

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