South Korea Thanks Japan for Assisting in Repatriation of Citizens from Israel

SEOUL - The South Korean government has formally thanked Japan for assisting in the safe return of 18 South Korean nationals and one foreign family member from conflict-ridden Israel, according to a foreign ministry official.

According to News Releases by Yonhap News Agency, reports that a Japanese air tanker arrived in Tokyo earlier this morning, transporting dozens of Japanese nationals along with the South Korean citizens from Israel. This move is considered a reciprocative gesture following a South Korean military aircraft's role in repatriating 51 Japanese people, in addition to 163 South Koreans, from Israel just a week prior.

The South Korean Foreign Minister, Park Jin, conveyed gratitude to his Japanese counterpart, Yoko Kamikawa, stating that the South Korean government appreciated Japan's assistance. Kamikawa had previously acknowledged Seoul's role in the repatriation of Japanese citizens and pledged Japan's "proactive" cooperation in any similar future scenarios, particularly in light of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Seoul officials have indicated that both countries aim to continue close cooperation in safeguarding their nationals overseas amid the rapidly changing international security landscape.

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