South Korean Bond Yields Show Decline on January 22, 2024

SEOUL: South Korea's bond yields experienced a decline across various maturities on January 22, 2024, as indicated by the latest financial data. The changes in yields were observed in Treasury bonds (TBs) and other government securities, marking a noticeable shift from the previous trading session.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the yield on the 1-year Treasury bond decreased by 3.6 basis points (BP), moving from 3.365% to 3.329%. Similarly, the yield on the 2-year Treasury bond fell by 3.8 BP, going from 3.360% to 3.322%. The 3-year Treasury bond yield also dropped by 2.9 BP, from 3.307% to 3.278%. Notably, the 10-year Treasury bond saw a reduction of 5.0 BP, decreasing from 3.422% to 3.372%.

In addition to Treasury bonds, the 2-year Monetary Stabilization Bond (MSB) yield declined by 2.1 BP, from 3.347% to 3.326%. The 3-year Corporate Bond (CB) rated AA- experienced a yield decrease of 2.8 BP, moving from 4.058% to 4.030%.

The report also noted that there were no changes in the yield for the 91-day Certificate of Deposit (CD), as there were no transactions recorded for this instrument on the mentioned date.

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