Yoon pledges full support for scientific research, exchanges

President Yoon Suk Yeol pledged full support for scientific research and exchanges Wednesday, saying the level of science and technology determines a country's level.

Yoon made the pledge during the opening of the 1st World Congress of Korean Scientists and Engineers, which brought together some 500 scientists and engineers from home and abroad to share their research.

The congress was organized in line with Yoon's promise during a trip to New York last September to invite Korean scientists and engineers based overseas to South Korea for that purpose.

"It is an important duty of the state to support world-class technological development and actively support global cooperation on research that will change our lives," Yoon said.

"Our government will invite Korean researchers from every nation every year and spare no support for joint research and personnel exchanges," he said.

Yoon thanked the Korean scientists and engineers based overseas for their large contributions to sharing advanced science and fostering talented people, while also asking them to become mentors for future generations.

"I have always emphasized that the level of science and technology is the level of that country," he said. "Science blossoms in an environment where research and cooperation are conducted freely. Our government will provide full support so that you can research and exchange freely."

Yoon noted the government allocated a budget of over 30 trillion won (US$23 billion) this year for research and development (RandD).

"RandD investment should be injected into world-class research," he said. "We will provide active support so that young scientists can jointly research with the world's leading researchers at excellent research institutions, and take up challenges."

Yoon renewed his pledge to establish the Korea AeroSpace Administration, a new government agency, within the year, saying he will work to pass a relevant bill through the National Assembly at an early date despite the reluctance of opposition parties.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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