Yoon says N.K. drone infiltration ‘unacceptable’

SEOUL– President Yoon Suk Yeol said Thursday that North Korea’s recent drone infiltration was “unacceptable” and called for making “overwhelmingly superior” war preparations to ensure peace.

Yoon made the remark during a visit to the state-run Agency for Defense Development in Daejeon, 140 kilometers south of Seoul, where he checked the progress of the nation’s weapons development, including its surveillance and reconnaissance interception capabilities, his office said.
“North Korea’s violation of our airspace by drones was a completely unacceptable incident. We must make them realize that provocations come with harsh consequences,” he said, according to deputy presidential spokesperson Lee Jae-myoung.

“Our military must become a powerful military that instills unapproachable fear in our enemy and firm confidence in our people,” he said. “In order to gain peace, we must make overwhelmingly superior war preparations. We must realize clearly that with disguised peace, not only can we not defend our security, but its foundation will collapse.”

Lee said Yoon called for firm punishment and retaliation against “acts violating our freedom,” saying that is the only means to deter provocations.

“Whether our opponent has nuclear weapons or whatever weapon of mass destruction, we must send a clear message to people who habitually carry out provocations, and we must never fear them or hesitate,” he said.

Yoon’s visit to the agency came three days after North Korea sent five drones into South Korean airspace, including one into northern parts of Seoul. South Korea’s military failed to shoot them down, raising questions about its readiness posture.

Yoon later berated Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup over the botched operation and instructed his aides to retaliate in no uncertain terms against future provocations, saying they should not be fearful or hesitant just because North Korea has nuclear weapons.

On Thursday, Yoon called for an overall review of the military’s response systems against not only North Korean drones but all flying objects trespassing South Korean airspace, along with a swift repair of any shortcomings.

“In response to North Korea’s attempts to strengthen its asymmetrical military strengths, we must also conduct an overall review of our military’s strength enhancement plans,” he said, according to Lee.

Later Thursday, Yoon attended a regular session of the standing committee of the presidential National Security Council.

He instructed the government to swiftly come up with various measures to protect the nation from North Korea’s drone provocations aimed at disturbing normal state operations and causing social anxiety, Lee said.

The government decided to work to fill the gaps revealed during the incursion and to promptly take necessary steps, such as establishing a drone unit, procuring stealth drones and strengthening drone capabilities and response exercises, he added.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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